Our focus

The spectrum of CID Ltd. covers the areas of production, logistics and services in the following areas:

Consulting – services within the scope of

  • Analysis and auditing of systems and processes as well as IT solutions in the areas of production, logistics, transportation and other services,
  • Training in the following areas:
    • Quality management (SPC, MSA, QFD, DOE)
    • Risk, Reliability and Maintenance (RCM, TPM, BCM, FMEA, FTA)
    • Logistics (ERP, WMS, TMS, APS)
    • Supply Chain Management
  • Organization of conferences, congresses and workshops in the areas listed above.

Investigation – research and study in the areas of

  • Modelling of systems and processes using the software which allows to connect different techniques of the system modelling, namely:
    • the continuous simulation using the method of system dynamics (SDM),
    • discrete event simulation (DES),
    • multi-agent-based modelling concept (MABM),
    • fuzzy logic related reasoning,
    • artificial neural networks modelling procedures.
  • Simulation and visualisation of:
    • production and manufacturing,
    • materials flow ,
    • logistics processes (e.g. goods-in and -out, storage and warehousing, order picking, dispatch),
    • distribution and transportation,
    • supply chains and networks.

Designing – design and redesign of production, logistics, service systems and entire supply networks, as well as production and logistics processes planning

We analyse, assess and optimise your present supply chain, and support you work in the following aspects of design:

  • Supply chain infrastructure,
  • Inventory management,
  • Distribution planning,
  • Transportation and route optimization.

We implement Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) systems for production and logistics applications, and especially for:

  • Production and demand planning,
  • Inventory optimisation,
  • Sequence scheduling,
  • On-time delivery optimisation,
  • Integration of planning and scheduling solutions into the IT environment.